Nothing Seems Forever, Wasted

by Marie Kerr

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released February 20, 2017

Andrew Pardo: Guitar, Vocals
Quade Benson: Bass (Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5), Vocals (Tracks 2-5)
Isaac Aceves: Drums, Vocals (Tracks 3 and 5)
Steven Fehlman: Bass (Track 3)



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Marie Kerr Palmdale, California

punk band from palmdale, ca

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Track Name: Baseball
Break me, make me feel light
Sometimes I laugh, endless, in the night
Pitch black, nothing falters your attack
Baseballs always knock me on my ass.

Bruises grow bigger with every blush
I love you come back bruised, your face flushed.

Your hair
Your ears
Your eyes
Your smile
Your tears
Small years
My fears
Stay awhile
It means nothing
Track Name: West Coast University
Male pattern baldness mixed with the mindfulness he lacks,
a shell of a man halting my cognitive tracks.
If I could just throw my morality aside,
I'd lunge at the old man and close his beady eyes.
I slam my head into the desk.
I ram these pens into my chest.
We've lost this nice simplicity.
There goes the kid inside of me.

I stood there
This setting has caused my despair
Where's a close window, no sign of my benzos
The daisies are in the air and I'm stuck here.
Track Name: American Karate
Here's one big fuck up
I should have avoided.
I fell on my ass,
naked, exploited.
Get out of my past.

Every day I wait for you at the station
7pm, a puppet, just dead weight,
Teach me to to chase the light it can't reach me
Hold hands as I I stand by with swollen glands.

Scream out your name run away from nothing
Put your cold feet against my warm body
The only comfort I find is in the words I'm sorry.
Track Name: Lemons & Lemonade
I stood there
Couldn't look past your garden
Still it seems you have not changed
Never could stay the same, always were the same.

I don't believe what they told me
You resist the good life these days
Your life crisis is starting
And still you have not changed.

Go on and change your name.
I bet you'll look the same.
What is this choice you've made?
Lemons & lemonade.
Track Name: Ladder
Blast off
to the times I thought you gave a shit..
I often thought
that my pilot light was far from lit.
Reminded of
how you simulate a heart attack,
is a better place without you holding me back.

I'll find some peace of mind
Shut your small trap
Oh, it would never last please stab my back
Too late, this black wave crashes over me I only see you.

At least my parents had
enough sense to separate and save
my state of mind
for years to come so I could leave that all behind.

Drowning below, drowning below
Don't cover my eyes enemy spies
Comfort decayed, comfort decayed
These pictures are stale in many ways
This ladder was my final mistake
Can't be erased.

I sullenly take the blame for everything
Giving your hand the desperate clutch I know I need
Foraging through these past days, they're not the same
Pulling the grass, digging deep, I'm fair game.

Bleed it out
Screaming loudly
I'll pretend
Living lightly
To be your friend
I'll be so kind
Never again
Oh never mind
Kill me now
Kill me right here
Take it away
Take all my tears
Pass the days
Nothing happened
It's better this way
Times I'm trapped in
Little tears
I was shaking
Little thoughts
You were faking
Bigger fears
Nowhere to run
So disraught
I think I'm done.

I'm nowhere
Never was
1 o'clock
Sitting on the dock
I'll unwind
In my mind
In my bed
This is my home
In my head.